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KiteSurfing Lessons in Portugal

From Beginner to Advanced kiteboarding rider.

KiteSurfing Lessons in Portugal

From Beginner to Advanced kiteboarding rider.

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Kitesurf School Obidos Lagoon, Lisbon

Xtreme Expert Kiteboarding School, located close to Foz do Arelho in Obidos Lagoon, is always ready to teach you kitesurfing. Obidos Lagoon is the best place to kitesurf near Lisbon with regular wind and great kitesurf spots.

Our kitesurfing instructors are IKO accredited. After completing the kiteboarding course, students receive IKO certificates of the first or second level (depending on their skills). With IKO certificate, you will be able to quickly rent equipment in any part of the world.

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Student’s equipment for kite lessons:
– wetsuit and boots
– kite – students practice with several sizes of kites depending on the wind speed
– kiteboard – depending on the student’s level, the kiteboard will vary from 160 to 140 centimeters
– kite harness
– kite bar

Kiteboarding Lessons

Studying Individual lessons

We offer hourly kitesurfing private lessons, a full course, and an advanced program for beginners and professional athletes willing to learn unhooked and hooked-in jumps and improve their wing-foiling skills with active kitesurfers.

Basic Lessons

2 hours 110e

Full Course

9 hours


Basic Course

6 hours
Enought to start riding

Other Options

Hydrofoil Lessons,advanced, freestyle and other

Kitesurf School Foz do Arelho and round area

Óbidos lagoon is large enough, kitesurfing in the lagoon is affected by the tides in the ocean, wind direction and the location of our students. Based on this, we choose a place for training in the lagoon. All training locations are pre-arranged with kite instructors. Access to the water is from the Foz do Areljo side or the Salir do Porto side.

Obidos Lagoon has shallow water, a moderate breeze, a safe bottom, and excellent infrastructure nearby. Also, it’s just a 20-40 minute ride from Nazaré, Peniche, and Lisbon.

The kitesurfing season in Foz do Arelho lasts all year round, but comfortable training is available from April to November. When it’s not too windy, we catch waves at one of the world’s best surfing spots, Peniche.

In Obidos Lagoon you may kitesurf 5-6 days per week(windy days), One time in 10 days you should get overpower wind and take some fun. The most popular wind in Foz do Arelho is 14-20 knots, and this is a great condition to begin kitesurfing.

Our instructors follow the international IKO system, which is considered safe and reliable by most kitesurfers worldwide. Kiteboarding Instructors from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine will easily communicate with you, making your vacation and training enjoyable.

Near the training location, there are many accommodation options, and we’ll also help you with this question. You may also visit our online store, which has all the kitesurfing equipment.

Kiteboarding School near Lisbon – kite lessons prices

The instructors at the Xtreme Expert kiteboarding school are IKO accredited. Upon completion of their kitesurfing lessons, each student will receive an international certificate confirming their level of kiteboarding skills.

Each kiteboarding instructor at our school will teach students how to safely control the kite and select the optimal conditions for riding. Students of the Xtreme Expert kite school will undergo a course on self-rescue on the water and will be able to ride even in the most extreme conditions.

Introductory course2 h110 e (individual)
65 e (group)
Basic Course6 h320 e (individual)
185 e (group)
Full Course9 h450 e (individual)
250 e (group)
Advanced level1 h65 e

The Learning Process at the Xtreme Expert Kitesurfing School

The duration of the kitesurfing course depends on the student’s physical skills. Based on my experience as an instructor with over ten years of teaching, I can confidently say that 99% of people on the planet can complete the kite course. We have taught people who weighed more than 130kg and our students are sometimes over 75 years old. All of these people rode the kiteboard perfectly and mastered kiteboarding. Considering my personal experience, I can confidently say that learning kitesurfing or kiteboarding depends 90% on the student’s desire to learn.

Students begin with the theoretical part of the training on land, which takes up to 1 hour and includes a basic understanding of wind and wind direction, as well as an understanding of how the kite moves in the sky and an understanding of the theory of the wind window.

After the theoretical part, students move on to kite control. Students perform a series of exercises on kite control, which takes an average of 2-3 hours.

The next stage of learning is preparing the student for getting up on the kiteboard, which takes about 1 hour.

Once the student of the kite school can confidently control the kite and understands the theory of getting up on the kiteboard, the student moves on to exercises with the board.

Obidos Lagoon – Kitesurf spot N1 for beginners

In Portugal, the wind blows 5-6 days a week. We chose the kitesurf spot in Obidos Lagoon because the wind here is the most comfortable for learning. The wind at our spot is moderate, allowing students to safely go through each stage of training and try different sizes of kites. People who want to learn should understand that it is impossible to teach in strong winds because it can cause injuries. Training at the Xtreme Expert kite school takes place with wind from 12 knots to 25 knots. There are exceptions, and more experienced students can go kiteboarding in certain conditions.

Why have we chosen Foz do Arelho for kitesurfing lessons?

It’s good to take kitesurfing courses in the Lagoa de Óbidos near Foz do Arelho because the wind is commonly not strong here, so students can quickly progress. Most often, we use large-size kiteboards designed for learning to kitesurf when the wind speed is up to 15 knots.

Shallow water helps you enhance your kitesurfing skills much faster while the process itself is absolutely safe – kitesurfing is not a dangerous sport if you follow the rules. The wind blows evenly and mainly from the ocean, creating perfect conditions for learning to kitesurf. 

The Portuguese coast allows you to train in comfort. Foz do Arelho has beautiful beaches and a soft sandy bottom, which adds to safety. We provide wetsuits and optionally water shoes to our students so nothing will distract them from kitesurfing. Wetsuits are used almost all year long, despite the lagoon being much warmer than the ocean. Anyway, staying in water for 2-3 hours makes you start to freeze and think less about the instructor’s tasks.

There are many large cities near our kitesurfing spot, Foz do Arelho. The closest one is Caldas da Rainha (a 15-minute drive). It’s also just a 30-minute ride to Nazaré and Peniche. In these cities, you’ll always find a place to stay if you need a bit cheaper accommodation. You may also live next to the kitesurfing spot in one of the most beautiful villas near the Lagoa de Óbidos.

We believe Portugal is one of the best countries for learning to kitesurf. The season doesn’t end even in January there. However, it’s colder for students who stand in the water but don’t surf and can’t warm themselves. That’s why we give kitesurf lessons from March to November.

What if I can’t complete the kitesurfing course?

At the Xtreme Expert kiteboarding school, we are absolutely confident that 99.9% of our kitesurf beginners will complete their kite lessons regardless of their age or physical condition. The success of kitesurfing lessons depends more on the desire and motivation of the student than on their physical abilities. The entire kitesurfing course is broken down into learning stages, which are individually simple enough for students who have no experience in interacting with kites and wind.

Sometimes, learning takes more time than usual due to the individual characteristics of the students. Someone may be afraid, someone may not have enough time, and someone may be unlucky with the wind (we humans usually cannot influence this wind factor). But in any case, everyone will be able to master kite control, complete the kite course, and receive an IKO certificate from our school.

Students who have paid for the full kite course, for example, for 10 hours, but have learned in 5 hours, will be able to reinforce their skills simply by riding and progressing on the kite. These students will be given lessons to improve their riding skills, and some may even perform their first jumps. (usually, about 10-15% of all students can do their first controlled jumps by the end of the kite school)

Xtreme Expert Kite Shop

Xtreme Expert School uses up-to-date kitesurfing equipment, being an official distributor of several major European brands (more details here). For training purposes, we use kiteboards from different manufacturers to let you feel the difference and make your own choice.

What if I don’t kitesurf?

We offer to spend your free time taking a course in Peniche, where you’ll easily master the art of kitesurfing. Our instructors will help you start to enjoy kitesurfing in no time. There are many beautiful places to go sightseeing nearby, for example, the famous city of Nazaré and Sintra, and you can always enjoy the nightlife of Portugal.