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At the online extreme expert shop, we sell equipment for action sports activities. If you are looking for high-quality gear, we have what you need. We want to offer our customers the best-selling extreme sports equipment and products from the best brands. Discover a wide selection of products in our expert shop catalog. In the online store, you will find the widest range of equipment and tools for all known sports and rehabilitation

Online Kiteboarding Shop

About Extreme Expert

Our European shop was founded in 2019, in Portugal. It was originally conceived as a trade and manufacturing company specializing in equipping mass sports facilities. All of our products comply with high-quality standards. We equip all kinds of places for sports: from amateur to professional. With a kiteboarding shop we opened a kitesurf school in Obidos Lagoon, if you haven’t kitesurfing skills yet – you may ask our instructors to explain to you all about kitesurfing.

All of our customers are offered worldwide shipping, so we can deliver your orders to anywhere in the world except Russia.

Our company is not standing still and constantly mastering new areas of activity, keeping track of new products in the world of sports equipment, so we always offer the customer the latest solutions. We strive to be in the trend and remain thorough and attentive to detail. This allows us to maintain the status of a solid and reliable partner.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Shop

The company employs only people who are directly related to sports and have extensive experience in extreme activities. Each of us has a certain idea of what criteria qualitative sports equipment should meet. All of that helps us competently form the assortment and help our customers with their choice. We offer:

  • Fast shipping. We will deliver your order to any location at a convenient time for you anywhere.
  • Cheap prices and steep discounts. We provide the lowest prices among competitors. It is extremely important for us to make the best offers on the market.
  • Reliable payment methods. Any form of payment at the choice of the buyer.
  • The convenient place of registration. The store is registered on the territory of the European Union. 
  • A huge assortment. Due to our wide range of goods, you can find any sports equipment you need.

You may Order a Cheap Kiteboarding Pack from Xtreme Expert for 1999 euro

Thanks to these advantages, our shop is one of the most convenient and reliable sports stores.

Our Attitude to Delivery

You can choose any convenient way of delivery and payment for your order. 

  • We meet the delivery deadlines.
  • We do shipping all over Europe.
  • Delivery is made by those courier services that work fastest in your area.

More information about this can be found on the official website where you could also find information about the exact cost of your order delivery. We guarantee the high quality of our services and sports equipment.