Kiteboarding Equipment Rental Prices

Rentals1 day3 days5 days1 week10 days2 weeks
Board€ 18€ 45€ 75€ 95€ 125€ 170
Kite€ 55€ 145€ 225€ 295€ 385€ 515
Harness€ 10€ 25€ 35€ 50€ 65€ 85
Full equipment€ 80€ 200€ 270€ 350€ 390€ 650

Xtreme Expert kiteboarindg school offers kiteboarding equipment for rent for those who already have confident kiteboarding skills. To rent kite equipment, you need to have 2 levels of IKO or demonstrate your skills to the instructor. You can rent a complete set of equipment (we even have wetsuits for rent) or just what you need. We use 2023 equipment, all kites, kiteboards, harnesses, kite bars, and wetsuits are in excellent condition. Click here to find more about kiteboarding lessons price

The client is responsible for the equipment they rent. If there is an incident or other mechanical damage to the kite, you will be asked to pay for the repair.

In rentals, we use Aeros kites, eleveight kiteboards, Mystic harnesses, and Janga brand wetsuits.