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Kites have been around for centuries. Only in the last 50 years, thanks to advances in design and the materials from which they are made, kite flying has become possible. Recent improvements in equipment and flying techniques have led to the emergence of a new and very exciting sport on the planet – kiting.

It does not require strong winds and high waves, the equipment is compact and none of the other water sports will give you the opportunity to experience such a thrill at a minimal cost. It’s difficult, of course, to guess the future of kiting as it is rapidly evolving. Kiting as a sport is in constant motion, with innovative suggestions coming from all sides. Whether you dream of gliding on the surface of the ocean or furrowing the snow or perhaps you want to earn some money and order kiteboards for sale, the kite will fulfil all your fantasies.

Learn how to make a selection among thousands of kitesurfing gear in order to find the best solution for you.

Which Kite Is the Best Kite for Me?

There are several models of kites in kitesurf shop: Bow, Delta, and Parafoils type kites.

  • Bow

Bow kites are very popular, they provide the rider with great wind range, excellent leeward performance and easy launching.  No matter if you want new or second-hand kites to buy. They are easy to learn and are great for a variety of riding styles. They came out in the mid-2000s as a response to the need to make kiteboarding safer and more accessible.

  • Delta

The next common kite is the delta kite. The simplest design of this kite is a simple triangle. The delta configuration is based on a triangular shape with a simple triangular keel and no tail. This type is easy to handle. That is why it is recommended to buy your first kite of this shape. We often complete them with an additional tail that stabilizes the flight when the wind is not equal. As your skills grow, you can detach the tail for a quick and spectacular flight. You can find new ones or second-hand kites to buy, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

  • Parafoils

The most common and simple ones are “windsocks”, so-called socks blowing in the wind, turbines and banners. You can buy these types of kites in every kitesurf store.

Classical Parafoil has a few surfaces, divided into cells by vertical ribs. Cells have holes, and a stream of air inflates the design, putting pressure on the cells of the kite.

The Difference between Freeride, Freestyle, Wave, Light Wind and Big Air Kites

If you are looking for equipment for fun or want to order kiteboards for sale, pay attention to the fact that popular freestyle kiteboards will be much stiffer than a freeride board, making them more responsive and improving surfacing. They are usually ridden with little or even no fins on the underside so that the board can slide over kickers and wake park elements without catching on them.

The easiest kitesurfing gear for beginners is usually the big air kites. The reason is that these kites have very good thrust, quick restarts and are very forgiving.

Kiteboards for light winds are even lighter. Single and loopless kites are often able to fly in very low winds (7-8 knots for loopless kites) without falling out of the sky. This makes them especially well-suited for foiling and surfboarding.

What Brands are You Working with?

Surely, during your summer vacation, you have seen more than once people surfing the water with kites. We are glad to acquaint you with a kite that is designed for kiteboarding lessons. It doesn’t matter if you buy kiteboards for sale or choose them for yourself.

One of the most important arguments when choosing kitesurfing equipment, of course, is the quality and the advancement of the kite brand. Kite selection is the most important moment when you are just beginning to learn this kind of water sport. Your safety in the water and the safety of the kite will depend on which kite you choose. If you calculate all the required parameters before buying the kitesurfing gear, you can guarantee that you can handle the kite more easily. The right size kite will increase the speed of mastering kitesurfing.

Here are the best Kite Brands to choose from among thousands in kitesurf shops

  • Duotone
  • Airush
  • Core Kiteboarding
  • F-One
  • North Kiteboarding
  • Ozone
  • Cabrinha
  • Slingshot Sports

How Many Kites Do I Need For Kitesurfing?

That means ideally you will need 2 kites which are able to provide 99% of the wind range but if we ignore absolutely weak wind less than 6m/s you can do with 2 sizes. The first kite for low to medium winds of 7-12 m/s is about 13-14 square meters and the second kite for strong winds of 9-11 square meters. Buying multiple kites can be expensive, so check out stores with second-hand kites for sale, this is a good idea.

How Do I Choose the Right Kite Size?

The basic rule when buying kites online is that the stronger the expected wind, the smaller your kite should be. The range of winds in which you can safely ride is 3-5 to 15-20 m/s, and comfortable for most riders is about 6 to 12 m/s.

Rider’s weight 6-7 m/s to 12 m/s 8-9 m/s to 14 m/s 10 m/s to 16  m/s
Less than 110 kg 15-16 m2 13-14 m2 11-12 m2
100-110 kg 14-15 m2 12-13 m2 10-11  m2
90-100 kg 13-14 m2 11-12 m2 9-10  m2
80-90 kg 12-13 m2 10-11 m2 8-9  m2
70-80 kg 11-12 m2 9-10 m2 7-8  m2
60-70 kg 10-11 m2 8-9 m2 6-7 m2
50-60 kg 9-10 m2 7-8 m2 5-6  m2
40-50 kg 8-9 m2 6-7 m2 4-5 m2
30-40 kg 7-8 m2 5-6 m2 3-4 m2

Which Kites Are Suitable for Beginners?

When choosing kiting gear beginners should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Ride conditions

First, you need to understand at what time of year you will be riding: in winter, summer or always. This is a fundamental question because kitesurf shop offers more than a dozen different variations that can be divided into two main subgroups: Foil – frameless kites, somewhat reminiscent of paragliders, and inflatable kites, the basis of which is an inflatable frame.

That’s why if you are a beginner and want to ride both in summer and winter you need inflatable kiting gear. Falling on the water is not critical for it – it is easy to restart and does not get wet, and using it in minus temperatures does not affect its flying characteristics and service life.

  1. Kite manufacturers

Once you have decided on the kitesurfing equipment, it’s time to think about the brand. Here, just like in the automotive industry, we can segment the market. BMW, Mercedes, and Audi in the world of kites are North (Germany), Cabrinha (USA), Core (Germany), and F-one (France). Our kitesurf store offers the kites of these manufacturers that have excellent flying characteristics, modern safety systems and a high level of materials and tailoring quality.

  1. Model or type of kite

Every year the number of kite types in kitesurf store increases. You can distinguish two subgroups: universal (hybrids) and specialized (bow, c-types). The basic difference is the shape of the arch, in other words, how much the edges of the kite are bent. This very parameter influences traction, responsiveness and performance of the kite. It makes sense for beginners to already consider hybrid kites.

  1. Kite size

When you decide to buy kite online, another not less relevant question is which kite size of kitesurfing equipment you need. To find the right answer you should know where you’re going to spend most of your time and how much bodyweight you have. All riders can be divided into four weight categories: up to 50 – women and children, from 50 to 70 – light riders, from 70 to 90 – the tough people and from 90 – authoritative kites.

  1. Safety techniques

Want to buy kites online? Then you should know that all kites have similar safety systems but different triggers. Therefore, please consult the manual once you buy the kiting gear as it can save your health and equipment in extreme situations.

As a sport, kitesurfing attracts the opportunity not only to feel the incredible joy of flying a kite but also to experiment with the aerodynamic characteristics of kites, and to develop and introduce various innovations. In kitesurfing now, there is a movement from archaic, primitive to complex hi-tech. At the same time, kitesurfing as a sport is getting easier, better and safer.

Do You Offer Complete Kitesurf Sets?

Are you looking for complete new sets or second-hand kites for sale and for personal use? Check Xtreme Expert and find the best one for you. Xtreme Expert offers complete kitesurf sets for your convenience and needs.

Do you Also Sell Second-Hand Kites?

Yes, at Xtreme Expert you will find second-hand kites for sale. They are all in excellent condition and checked by the best specialists. This is the best way to save some money. You can choose the best second-hand kites to buy that meets all your requirements at the best price.

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