Aeros Kite bar


48cm – 60cm

Aeros kite bar is designed with versatility in mind, offering four different line length options to suit your preference. It’s engineered to enhance your kite’s performance to the fullest. This bar is crafted with a sleek design that features no divots, sharp corners, or hard protruding ends that could hinder your kiteboarding experience. Additionally, the narrow, non-slip asymmetric grip is specially designed for comfortable handling, even during extended sessions.

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A bar is a device whose main task is to control the dome. With it, you can change the angle of attack, the direction of movement and its speed. The controllability of the structure, as well as the safety of the kiter, depends on the quality of the selection of this equipment.

The size of the bar is determined by the area of ​​theem kite. If it is designed for light wind and has an area of ​​​​14-17 m2, a large bar 60 cm long is needed. Kites 8 meters or less are equipped with a small bar (48 cm). Medium models can be controlled by a bar of any size. In addition, when choosing a bar, you need the design of the sail itself, or rather, the angle of divergence of the lines.

This bar is suitable for all types of kites with low Y

Work with Cabrina, Sling Shot, Ozone, North

Main lines parameters dc 300, control lines dc 200.

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48, 55, 60


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